Falcons:39 Bengals:32

Roddy single-handedly won us the game

Shootout. The best word to describe Sunday’s game and though our defense seemed non-existent at times it was exciting to see our offense in full force. Roddy, Matt, and Michael all had huge games when we needed them the most and Falcons pulled out another win heading into our bye week at 5-2.


Matt Ryan had a great game staying calm in the pocket, converting key 3rd downs, and showing efficiency in the Red Zone. Matt Ryan finished the game with just under 300 yards and three TD’s. He did have an unfortunate interception that was a tad under thrown, but was mostly just a great play on the ball by the Bengal’s Leon Hall. Ryan got shaken up on a play, but was able to come back in the next play. Let’s hope that Matt Ryan takes full use of our bye week to let the bumps and bruises heal.

Good to see Michael Turner back after a slow start to the season. Turner was running full steam ahead and no Bengal’s defenders were willing to bring him down. Turner broke a couple big and ended up with 121 yards and punched it into the endzone twice.

For the receiving core there is only one name that needs to be mentioned and it’s Mr. Roddy White. White had 201 receiving yards, two TD’s, and a ridiculous two-point conversion catch. White also had two other one handed catches that will surely make the highlight reel tomorrow and provided more evidence to support Roddy’s case for MVP. Even though White had a fumble that was returned for TD and shifted the momentum to the Bengals he showed maturity and poise and was able to make a couple of key catches on the next drive including an 11 yard touchdown

Offensive line. Well I can finally say it. Good job. They gave Matt Ryan plenty of time in the pocket, opened up holes for the run game, and for the first time this year didn’t give up a sack. Not going to say anything bad about y’all this week, so congrats.


Not a great job overall, but there were some good individual performances.

John Abraham had  2 sack performance and was constantly adding pressure through out the game. Curtis Lofton has 7 tackles and statistically had two forced fumbles. However, one of those fumbles was really just a dropped ball after Cedric Benson juked a little too much and another wasn’t recorded even though it looked like an obvious fumble on the replays. Brent Grimes also had  a strong performance shutting down the receivers he was assigned to and made some great tackles.

BUT… Chris Owens did not have a great game. Grimes’s counterpart in the pass defense could not hold his own with Dunta Robinson out with a concussion. It seemed like Carson Palmer was picking on Owens the entire game and it seemed like Owens struggled to bring to the ball carrier on all 10 of his tackles and recorded no pass deflections or interceptions. It might be that Owens is more suited for the nickelback in our pass coverage. Another hot issue with me was the defensive play calling. Our blitz packages were all laughed at with no sacks, screen passes that soared over our defenders’ heads, and long passes to Jordan Shipley. VanGorder needs to figure out what the problem is and fix it.

Well we are now into a much needed bye week and the Falcons need that time to recover from injury. Robinson, Weatherspoon, Mughelli, and DeCoud will hopefully be back when we host the Tampa Bay Bucs at the Georgia Dome. See you then.


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