Eagles: 31 Falcons: 17

Matt Ryan and the Falcons did not have a good day

This game was more than a loss for the Falcons. This game was against a NFC team that had a similar record to ours and this was essentially the game to determine the best team in the NFC. We could not pull out the win in the Eagles’s stadium and the Falcons are now 4-2. There were a lot of good things to say about out effort in this game, but the negatives greatly out shadow any of the highlights.


  • William Moore getting his 3rd interception on the year by a tipped pass from Curtis Lofton
  • Michael Jenkins coming back from injury and racking up 99 yards
  • Peria Jerry getting the lone sack of the day and first on the season for him
  • Curtis Lofton racking up 11 tackles and the previously mentioned tipped pass that was intercepted
  • Matt Ryan doing all he could while the Eagles’s defense ran all over our offensive line
  • Defensive line against the run.


  • Pass coverage. We could not stop them all day and I realize Dunta Robinson and Sean Weatherspoon were out, but so was Desean Jackson
  • Our Pass rush. We could not get any pressure on Kevin Kolb even against the patchwork offensive line that the Eagles had put together
  • Michael Turner run the ball!
  • Offensive line was not a cohesive unit and I’m going to continue to point my finger at Sam Baker
  • Matt Ryan was a little inaccurate, but I’ll consider the poor play of the offensive line
  • Dunta Robinson getting a concussion, but it was a legal hit.
  • The entire coaching staff. The team looked unprepared to play the entire game, did not seem motivated after the half, and Andy Reid outsmarted us on multiple plays

It was not a pretty game, but I still have hope for the season and I look forward to the long stretch of home games and our bye week to gain a bit of time to relax. Here come the Bengals.

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