Who Dat? Falcons 27 Saints 24 F/OT

Turner runs over a Saint defender to reach the endzone

Wow what a win. A thrilling overtime win that I almost left the room for sure of a Falcon’s loss. However, I was not counting on the Saint’s kicker to miss a 29 yard field goal to give the Falcons another shot at a win. We drove down the field and despite some penalties Matt Bryant was able to make his kick in overtime. Let’s breakdown each unit and analyze how they did Sunday afternoon.

QB: Matt Ryan had a near perfect game. He made plays not only on 3rd down, but on 4th down. He looked calm in the pocket even with Saint pass rushers swarming around him and was able to move outside the pocket and make the throws that were asked of him. Matty Ice had a beautiful pass to Roddy White for a touchdown and another great TD pass to Tony Gonzalez. Ryan also showed his will to win on a crucial 3rd and inches in the first half on a QB sneak where the line got pushed back, but he was able to wiggle outside and then stood up a Saint’s DE and pushed for the first down.

WR/TE: The receiving core was once again spectacular even with the defense placing two defenders on Tony G and Roddy White. Gonzalez had a great first half and was a constant target for Ryan. Roddy White while quiet in the first half came through strong in the second half. It would have been good to involve Harry Douglas a little more, but Ryan seemed to get it done without his help

Running Backs: Turner and Snelling did a great job of bearing the load of the Atlanta running game. Offensive Coordinator Mike Murlarky called for run plays almost 50 times and these two backs did a good job of keeping drives alive. They also made some nice catches with some yards after the catch. The averages for both the backs wasn’t great, but our run game kept the ball out of Dree Brees’s hands and that’s all I ask

O-Line: As a complete unit the offensive line did a slightly above average job. They kept Matt Ryan up straight most of the game, but the running lanes didn’t really seem to be there most of the day. Sam Baker on the other hand might have his third strike of the season. Two more penalties and a terrible attempt that led to the only sack of the game. I don’t know what else to say about him.

D-Line: Great job by Babineaux and Abraham with a sack each and Abraham even showed some gumption after getting poked in the and suffering a scratched pupil, but refused to come out of the game. Hell that’s why we have two eyes isn’t it? Also great job on bottling up Pierre Thomas and the Saint’s run game

LB’s: Props to Mike Peterson and his forced fumble, Weatherspoon and his seven solid tackles, and Curtis Lofton being his usually tackling self.

DB’s: Did they best they could to bottle up one of the best passing teams in the NFL, so even though Brees threw for almost 400 yards they kept him out of the endzone when it mattered and even managed to grab two interceptions (DeCoud and Grimes). Robinson stopped Colston and had a great tackle for a loss, so I was happy with his performance. However, whoever was defending Lance Moore has some work to do.

Special Teams: Matt Bryant made both of his field goals and that is about the only thing good to say about the special team’s effort. Punt and kickoff coverage was terrible and DeCoud had that freak punt catch his foot that turned the ball back over to the Saints. Shann Schillinger did manage a nice tackle on the last kickoff, but that’s streching for something nice to say

All that matter’s is that we won and we are on top of the Division. Now bring on the Niners.

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